Living Poker: Is It So Easy?

Poker brings you a lot of money and you are tempted by the life of “grinder”, even champion mmc 996? Or on the contrary, you question this choice,

Are you really capable of it?

Since the opening of the online poker market, more and more young players are seduced by the idea of ​​living exclusively from it, especially after having won a few thousand dollars. However, any poker lover, even making money, cannot and should not attempt the adventure. Why?

  • A few positive months are not enough to have enough perspective on your game and, in particular, on the variance. Several years of play seem like a minimum before even asking the question, “should I go pro.”
  • Going pro poker requires certain renouncements: fixed income, credits (the banks will ask you for very large guarantees or simply refuse them), and especially to a “normal” social life (isolation, the fact that the best tables are available on weekends, nightlife, etc.).
  • Some players can no longer stop and go straight into the wall (the famous “tilt”): extreme fatigue, days spent playing, no questioning … In other words, the level of play for living poker is there, but more the mental level.
  • The professional life is not the one we fantasize about (dream islands, travel, meetings, total freedom …). And poker, which has become a profession, is no longer the leisure of the beginnings.

Basically, the whole problem is to know if the professional practice of poker will suit you or if it is better for your balance than you stick to a few hours on weekends.

Advice for those who take the plunge

    • Carefully manage your bankroll from the day you quit your job, and your only income depends on poker. Bankruptcy will no longer be a simple “mistake”…
    • Think big: a few thousand dollars on your player bankroll will never be enough to make you bear the variance and collect the money you need to live. Carefully manage 2 accounts: the one for your daily expenses, with at least 6 months of margin; that devoted to poker, which must be comfortable enough to claim the limits whose earnings will feed the first account.
    • Be physically active: online poker involves long hours spent sitting, which are neither beneficial for your body (weight gain, etc.) nor for your mind.
    • Don’t forget the tax issue. If exile is not compulsory, the vagueness of the law should encourage you to take advice from specialists (a lawyer, for example), to be forward-looking “in case” and to keep your accounts scrupulously to avoid a terrible recovery …
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses. Having fun is one thing, wasting another. This is especially true if, for example, the first 3 months you make big profits: making the cicada is tempting, but the following 3 months can be much rougher.

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