Poker Players: Know How To Surround Yourself

The most determined online poker players among you scour the web for strategies and advice from the pros. But for lack of hindsight on his own way of playing, it is difficult to cross certain caps alone in front of his screen. This is why specialists have appeared to offer their services.

The principle

The main objective is the transmission of the experience of the coach, who must necessarily have a solid and recognized poker practice. He is required to provide personalized answers to the problems of your game. Several techniques are commonly adopted:

  • Theoretical discussion: you have a specific question, or you analyze with the coach some concrete cases.
  • Viewing your hands during a session: you have saved the session and can, therefore, discuss it while pausing and taking notes.
  • Analysis of the data in your assistant software: it will be all the more reliable as you have played more hands, and in the long term, you will have an objective measure of your progress.
  • Live coaching: the coach observes and advises you during a session.
  • Psychological coaching: very different; it does not concern your game but your emotions, for example, because you cannot manage stress at the final table.

Except for the last type, all can possibly be done online using Skype.

Our opinion

Even if he is eager to progress, the beginner has no real reason to rely on a coach: it is the practice, the attentive viewing of videos, and the reading of articles on poker, which will help at first.

Without specific problems to submit to the coach, he will not be able to do much. To refine it, assistant software will reveal to you through statistics what your flagrant weaknesses are. By providing these and the history of hands, you will have serious material to present to him, and the number of sessions will be reduced by the same amount.

In the same spirit, do not remain silent while waiting for his good word. It must be an interaction and not a monologue, or worse, a simple confirmation of your opinions.

Finally, we advise you to avoid direct coaching:

  • decision time is too limited; the discussion is not possible
  • it will always be a limited number of hands, those that you played during the session, which also remains an “artificial” framework
  • the temptation will be great to let the coach make the decisions and passively rely on him

The principle

If you are a player, you can register on one of these sites by completing your profile as precisely as possible in order to attract “web-sponsors.” Any individual who has confidence in your past performance may participate up to a certain percentage of your buy-in:

  • If you win the tournament, a share will go to each person who helped you in proportion to their participation
  • If you lose, everyone will want you a little…

Our opinion

If you are a player, it may be a good idea to access tables where you would normally have been dissuaded from serious bankroll management.

If you are going to sponsor a player, study their profile and statistics carefully. Above all, beware of those who ask to be funded at 80%, or those suddenly changing limits. Finally, be prepared to lose your money.…